Oh, you're a vet?!?!

-ramblings from a cranky vet.

Ask the Vet Q&A blog rules:


1.  I reserve the right to be as cranky as I want in my responses.

2. All questions must be sent to my twitter account, @crankyvet, for consideration.  Please do not submit questions through this blog.

3. You must remember that without being able to examine your pet, I am not providing a diagnosis.  This is an opinion and/or discussion, not medical advice… (ie… you can’t sue me for what I may say here)

4.  Some people say there are no stupid questions. For the most part I agree.  But if you do happen to ask one of those rare elusive stupid questions, I will tell you… in a cranky, but loving, way.

5.  I may not be able to address every question I receive. Don’t get angry.  I’m doing this for free.

6.  I will try to post regularly, but if I don’t, don’t get annoyed and bug me about it. That will not help get your question answered.  In fact, I will probably then purposefully ignore your question because you willfully violated blog rule number 6.

7.  You may ask as many questions as you like. Whether or not I answer them will be based solely on my mood that day.  Don’t get annoyed if I don’t answer any/all of your questions.  Life isn’t fair.

8.  I do this in my free time, not to be nice or help out people, but to avoid house work.  Just want to be clear about that so no one thinks I’m some kind of do-gooder.

9.  That said… go for it. Let’s see what you people have been wondering about…


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